Meesho CEO Net Worth

IITian Vidit Aatrey Meesho CEO Net Worth- Assets & Income

In today’s digital age, everyone likes to do online shopping. You must know about Meesho which is a cheap shopping app. The creators of this app are two IITians Vidit Aatrey Founder and CEO of Meesho and Sanjeev Barnwal co-founder of meesho who left their jobs and started Meesho. In this article, we will tell you about Meesho CEO net worth and how much he earns in a year.

Meesho is a place where you can buy clothes and other things without spending too much money. Let’s talk about Vidit Aatrey’s life, how much money he has, and how Meesho became successful. In an interview, he said that Meesho was made so that people can earn money by selling things from Meesho and get a commission for it.

Meesho CEO Vidit Aatrey Net Worth

Vidit Athreya is the CEO of Meesho whose net worth is around $2 billion or more. His dream was to become an IAS officer but he joined iit and created Meesho and Meesho surprisingly became successful in India. So we can say that the Meesho CEO net worth is more than 2 billion dollars which is a dream for any Entrepreneur.

Before Meesho, Vidit and his friend had started another platform named ‘Fashionier’. Fashionire was like Swiggy or Zomato, where you could order things from nearby stores and get them delivered to your home instantly. He also created an app for it in about two weeks. But the fashioner had some problems and it did not work. However, it gave him an idea.

While working at Fashionire, Vidit, and Sanjeev noticed that some stores were using social media to sell things online. This inspired him to create Meesho, a social commerce platform. They named it Meesho because it sounds like “my shop.” Any business can sign up for free on the Meesho platform and start selling a variety of products. Meesho helps these sellers with services like delivery and online payments and they charge for it. Vidit Atre’s Meesho business model works in a similar way and is very popular.

Vidit Aatrey Personal Life

Meesho CEO Vidit Atre is married to Meenu Margaret. He has assets worth about $50 million. In 2021, when he was under 40, he won a big prize from Fortune. In 2018, when she turned 30, she also received a special award from Forbes. For more latest updates stay connected with us and keep visiting Networthfinder to know your favourite star income.

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